How to Recharge Your Dating Battery

The dating rut. We’ve all been there because, let’s face it, dating can be exhausting. A series of rejections, one-date-only meets, and failed hookups are all blows to our fragile egos. Men all react differently to these downers. Some take down their online profile and throw a pity party for themselves while others swear off women and get comfortable hanging out with the guys. That’s all fine and dandy, but these escapes are only temporary until one fees lonely or the libido needs satisfying.

Make it a new year’s resolution to recharge your dating battery. Put a little zing in your approach to seeking, dating, and making out with older women. Here’s how…

Online Expansion
A lot of guys get comfortable on one particular dating site. Well, so do women, so if you want to meet new ladies, join other sites. Keep your original site because new people join all the time.

Update your Profile
You’re not the same person you were a year ago, not even six months ago. I’m not saying you have to rewrite the whole thing, but add new interests, outlooks on life and dating, and photos as they come along.

Focus on You
Sometimes it’s easy to get sucked into the dating vortex and forget about self-growth. Older women like younger men who are self-aware and who have personal and professional goals. Keep these alive and well all the while dating to impress a cougar.

Open Up
We all have a comfort zone when it comes to dating – where we like to meet people, what age we go for, a type that we stick to. It’s time to relax and open yourself up to new possibilities. How? When you’re invited to a gathering, go, you never know where you might meet someone. Broaden the age gap on your profile. Date a redhead even though you always go for blondes.

Lower Expectations
Of course, you deserve to find a great woman who will treat you right and who you’ll have chemistry with, so keep those expectations high. But lower the ones you get before you meet someone. Avoid starting a dialogue online and developing a romantic fantasy before you meet in person. Go into a new date with little expectation; this way you’ll almost always be pleasantly surprised.

Fun First
It’s easy to take dating too seriously when you’ve been alone a long time, feeling frustrated and lonely. If this sounds familiar, loosen up and focus on having fun. Meeting new people should be an enjoyable experience.

How do you recharge your dating battery?

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