How to Impress a Cougar to Get Laid

You’ve met a cougar online and are ready to meet in person. You’ve got sex on the brain, but that doesn’t mean you will score. Making an older woman feel sexy or reaffirming her idea that she is sexy is the trick to getting laid. Cubs, it’s the little things that make a difference in whether you are going home alone or will end up satisfied and hungry for more. Here are some tips:

Creativity. Plan a unique date. Older women like a man who takes charge.

Be present. There may be other beautiful younger women in your line of vision (at the bar, or walking by) but please don’t avert your attention. Very annoying to us observant women.

Listen. We have a lot of things to share in conversation (and in the bedroom later).

Ask questions. Nothing turns a woman on more than a man that is interested in her life.

Compliment. If it’s about her appearance, don’t go overboard. Commenting on her accomplishments means just as much.

Manners. Older women appreciate the gentlemanly touch. Hold open the door. Order drinks. Push her chair in.

Treat. Your date may have more money than you (don’t assume), but this will definitely please her if you insist on paying the first time.

Dress to Impress. No, you don’t have to wear a suit, but baggy shorts and baseball caps won’t cut it. A little effort will be recognized.

Be confident. Most older women are, and we want the same.

Make her laugh. A sense of humour goes a long way. No corny jokes or puns, please.

Never mention age. Don’t ask how old she is if you don’t know, and never say you look great for (her age) if you do know.

I hope these tips will help you on that all important first meet up with a mature woman. Let us know if you have any other rules you apply when trying to seal the deal.

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