Online Dating Photos: Rotate and Refresh

So my dear, sweet friend who I mentioned in my last post (the one who posts her dating profile pics of herself that don’t look anything like her), has become a complete curmudgeon about dating. She doesnt even want to utter a word about it. And honestly? I know it has to do with how she represents herself online. Besides choosing a photo that actually looks like you, make sure you rotate your photos!

In my last article I talked about representing yourself properly in pictures on your dating profile. Post photos that look the most like you without idealizing (what you think you look like or want to look like). The next best thing to creating an eye-catching profile is to change, change, change it up,.

Put yourself in the role of the browser: You see the same person again and again and again. It gets really ho-hum, fast. There’s a reason why people buy different clothes or change up the paint colors on their walls. If you tire of the same scenery, why wouldn’t they?

Over the past decade there has been an incredible change in online dating, and that change is the volume of people. There’s a lot more “competition”, a lot more window shopping, which leaves a lot more dates to be had, with a lot less time. Online daters have become more picky and hasty with whom they’re viewing and messaging. So the best way to keep your profile at the top of one’s eye-catching list is to keep your profile pics changing and engaging.

Now, you dont have to go bonkers and change ALL of your photos at once. Post just one or two new ones and take down one or two in conjunction. There could be pictures that you posted 2 months ago that may not have interested that special person then, but  a slight change in mood, tone, or small feature on your face may do the trick this week! People want to be swept off their feet when looking for a mate or date online, and access to the ongoing activities in your life is just the thing to attract them.

People want to be excited by a potential mate, and those already in relationships are no exception. I remember the day my 8-year said he adored when I changed my hair a bit. Another boyfriend of 5 short months always, always, always noted when I had a new article of clothing on or when I changed makeup slightly. These little changes always resulted a hotter time in the bedroom, too!

So, if you’ve had your profile up longer than a month, don’t be that profile where people think, Oh, THAT guy again. Changing and updating your profile shows you care and you’re more than willing to make an effort in the dating world.

Happy hookup!

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