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Spring Dating Profile Makeover Tips

Flirting at the Gym

A change of season, especially spring, is a great time to refresh one’s online dating profile. I’ll admit, I go longer than one season without tweaking my profile, but my dating mojo usually end up in a bit of a slump. But when I take the time to update photos and information, it gives me an immediate dating confidence boost, and sometimes brings an increase in messages.

Makeover Tips for Your Dating Profile

Switch Photos
Photos are crucial. A lot of people message just based on photos, without reading the profile (not recommended). It’s what catches an older woman’s eye first and will hopefully lead her to your well-written profile. You’ve probably already got your best ones up there, so save one of these, and take some new ones to add. I suggest rotating photos every few months.

New You
A younger man who is into self-improvement is hot, hot, hot! Spring is the perfect time to set short-term goals that may include eating better, joining a gym, getting active, or taking a night class to learn a new skill. You’ll not only look better than your pictures when you meet her and have a new passion to talk about, but you also might meet a mature woman during your quest for a new you.

Name Game
Have you had the same online name for years and years, something like hot4you or paganwolfman69. If so, it’s definitely time for a change, even if it’s a minor one. The wrong name can be just enough to have a woman skip over your profile, even if you’re a great catch. Think fun and flirty without being cheesy.

Details Details
You don’t want to reveal everything about yourself – the physical details, life goals, philosophies, etc., but you do want to pique her interest. A sparsely half-filled-out profile will make a woman think you’re lazy and not that serious about dating – be prepared for few messages. And a profile that goes on-and-on will read that you love yourself a little too much – again, turn-off central. Reveal things about yourself that would invite further exploration through conversation.

Clear Intentions
Although some websites are very niche, there is usually a section that asks you to write what you’re looking for. Be specific. Don’t waste your time and others by saying you want a relationship when all you really want is a hookup. You may think this is your only chance to get laid, but believe me, there are plenty of older women who only want a one night stand. Be honest, and you’ll get the respect you want and maybe the lady along with it.

The key here is not to think of refreshing your profile as work. Creating your very first online profile is difficult, but refreshing what’s already there should be fun.

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Guys: How often do you update your dating profile?

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