How a Cougar Should Treat her Cub

I realized the other day that I’m always writing from the cub to cougar perspective and never from cougar to cub. You’re probably thinking, how can I possibly give advice to cougars then, right? Well, we cubs know what we want, and truthfully, in my time dating older women, some make crucial mistakes that turn me off and put me right back out in the hunt for someone new.

Cougars! Pay attention. Here are my tips and strategies for keeping a cub by your side.

I’ve Already Got a Mom, Thanks
Ok, sure, there’s some dudes who are looking for a mother figure, but ladies, the majority of them absolutely don’t want another mother. I’d highly recommend not acting like one, dig? Besides, chances are you have kids and don’t want to raise another one, right? Just because there’s a difference in age doesn’t mean the same rules of dating shouldn’t apply. You both need to be independent of each other rather than needy. ‘Nuff said.

Energizer Bunny
You’re dating a young man. In most cases, someone with a considerable amount of energy, maybe more than you have. To avoid let downs, be sure to plan your dates when you have the right energy and mojo. Can you hack it at a bar till 3am tonight, then go home and bang the night away? No? Then call in sick today, ya hear? No one wants to have to drag a date along on a big night.

Be Spontaneous
No, a night eating chips and watching the Golden Girls is not so appealing to us, ladies! I swear, I dated a cougar who thought so, and it didn’t last long! Really though, surprise him by showing up at his front door in lingerie under a rain coat, give a random hand job in the movie theatre, or take him to the park for some naughty night-time outdoor sex!  Any or all of the above or whatever else you can think of will go a long way, guaranteed.

Keep The Chase Alive
This has a lot to do with personal space. I can tell you, no man wants an easy catch. They think they do, but when they get one it’s not as tantalizing as someone who is somewhat unavailable. Make sure you aren’t clingy in any way – give your man space, and say no to hanging out with him every once in awhile even when you’re dying to. This will keep him interested and wanting more, trust me!

Hey Cubs! Did I miss anything? Have any advice for cougars? Share ideas below, folks!

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