Plan The Purrfect First Date

Online dating is the best way to find a cougar just to your liking. You can read hundreds of profiles, send a few select messages, and wait for responses – hopefully many. Some women will want to meet after a first message to avoid expectation from building while others will want to get to know you better through several messages, perhaps a phone call.

If you get to chatting about meeting in person, you’re doing great! The next step is planning. Preparation is important and just because you’re date is an older confident woman who may be used to doing things for herself, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you to take the reins and plan the purrfect first date.

Don’t stress, cubs. Here’s a few tips to help you make a great first impression:

Have a Plan
A woman wants to know that you think she’s worth taking the time and effort to plan for. Action shows initiative and confidence. If you ask her what she wants to do, she might think you’re lazy and have a ‘pass the buck’ attitude. Let her know ahead of time your plan so she can prepare; few women like surprise first dates.

Treat Her
Older women can usually afford to pay their own way, but she’ll expect you to be a gentleman on the first date and pick up the tab. This means have cash on hand as well as a credit card. If your financial situation is lacking, get creative and plan within your means.

Look Good
She may like your scruffy dude look, but it doesn’t hurt to tidy up a little. Check for nose hairs and hair over the lip kind of thing. Be casual, but show her that you didn’t just come from hangin’ with guys.

Be Punctual
Being late says to a woman that your time is more valuable than hers. Not cool – this first impression might be your last. If you’re running late, be sure to call. And if she’s late, be forgiving. I know, I know, double standard, but I see it as part of being chivalrous.

A woman likes it when you notice that she spent time trying to look good for your date. Compliment her immediately and don’t be shy about telling her other things you’re fond of during the evening. Charm never goes out of style.

Get to Know Her
There’s no better way to show a woman that you’re interested in her than by asking questions and actively listening. This is a good way to know if she’s into you, too. With this in mind, a movie or noisy club may not be the best place to bring a first date.

Plans B & C
When you tell your older woman the plan, she may balk at the idea for whatever reason. That’s where plan B comes in. And when you’re out on the date, you may want a change of scenery to liven things up – plan C. This ready to roll attitude will impress.

Remember: Meeting a new person for the first time should be fun and exhilarating as opposed to serious and stressful. Go get ‘em cubs!

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