Older Woman Insecurites

Guys, we often think of ourselves as the only ones with worries and issues from a cub to cougar perspective. Will she just go for the next younger guy that comes along? Am I too young for her to ever take seriously? These questions and more often plague us. Guess what? We aren’t the only ones who worry. Here are some things your cougar might worry about in your relationship, and if you spot them, here’s how to deal.

1. He’ll Go For  A Younger Woman In The End
You’re secure in your love and lust for older women, but she may not be convinced. Cougars are people too. They have all the hangups and worries everyone else has. Just because you’re in a casual relationship, doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to keep you around long-term.

If your cougar partner is showing signs of insecurity, go out of your way to put her mind at ease. Let her know that sure there are a lot of beautiful younger women around, but you aren’t into them. You’re with her for a reason. Make her feel special and indispensable and she will lose those fears quick like!

2. The Relationship Won’t Last
I was in a relationship where my cougar just couldn’t get over the fact she was aging a heck of a lot faster than I was. Well, you say, duh! Isn’t that natural? Well, exactly. I reassured her that aside from all her wonderful cougar qualities, it was the fact she DID look older that was most attractive to me. In fact, it drove me crazy with love and lust. She also worried that in ten years she’d be so old I’d want to leave her. What she didn’t understand was again, for me, the older she got, the more attracted to her I became!

Alas, as much as I tried to reassure her, well, she left me. For a man her age no less! You can’t win them all, fellas, but believe me, if you work hard to convince your lovely cougar you aren’t going anywhere, she’ll stick around. Mine was just a case of bad luck and wasn’t meant to be!

3. Her Family Won’t Accept You
So you’ve been with your cougar for six months but haven’t met her family. You’ve been wondering why it’s taking so long and finally it comes out. She’s been stalling. She’s dead sure that her family will never accept you. Well all is not lost, fellas. You have to remind her that over time people will see how much you love her, and how much she loves you, and most importantly – how happy you make her. Anyone who truly loves her will have their doubts washed away because ultimately they want her to be happy.

If she’s still not convinced, ask her who she’s most worried about and why. Make a specific plan – not a devious one – to assure this person that you love her and indeed make her happy. You may want to wait until other family members are comfortable or meet with this person separately to hear their concerns. Follow your cougar’s lead on this one!

How do you handle cougar insecurities? 

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