What Defines a Cougar Woman

Beautiful Woman

Not all women are created equal. And not all women over thirty-five are cougars. This is why I recommend specific dating sites such as to younger men who have a thing for older women. You probably see women that you want to approach frequently, but many just aren’t into hooking up with a guy a lot younger than themselves. If she is on one of these sites you can be sure of what she is looking for – YOU! Here is what sets cougars apart from other older women:

1. Cougars crave younger men
Just like some older men are attracted to younger women, cougars want to date men at least ten years younger. Men are discovering the benefits of being with mature women and it’s becoming a dating trend – more and more websites dedicated to this phenomena are popping up on the Internet.

2. Cougar have confidence and take care of themselves
We feel sexy because we care about our appearance and put effort into maintaining our looks. Cougars exercise, eat well, and dress to impress. We don’t feel threatened by other women, especially not the younger counterparts to the men we seek.

3. Cougars are independent
It’s important to a  cougar that she is independent and can take care of herself financially and emotionally. We’re not looking for a young man to swoop in and take care of us.

4. Cougars like sex
Older women have experience. We want to share it, as well as satisfy our libidos. We don’t have sexual hangups and are not afraid of a hot one-night stand.

5. Cougars don’t seek cohabitation or commitment
Cougars want to enjoy life without being tied down in a marriage or with kids. Sometimes, she has already lived that life and finally has a chance to be out on the prowl. Her happiness is not dependent on whether she has a steady guy in her life.

Of course, you will meet women who possess some, and not all of these traits, but these are definitely true blue cougar characteristics.

What else attracts you to older women?

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