Get Your Shit Together to Date a Cougar

As much as I love dating younger men, there seems to be the same reocurring issues that can drive a woman crazy. Cougars understand that younger men are still trying to figure their lives out and still at the beginning of their life’s journey, but there are a few things that just won’t cut it. You may be able to find a cougar hookup here or there, but these turn offs will NOT have her coming back for more, no matter how good in bed you are!

What Turns a Cougar Off

1. Momma’s Boy
Women like to hear a man is close to his family and will understand when they aren’t, but momma’s boys are a turn off for any woman, especially cougars. If you are overly attached to your mother, talking on the phone every day, seeking her approval for everything, or talking about her all the time – we will move on. It’s unattractive when a man still behaves like a boy. Even younger men who love older women need to act like men.

2. Immature Behaviour
This doesn’t mean we want uptight, stuffy, overly confident men. This just means that you act your age. Cougars love fun loving, adventure seeking, energetic younger men who won’t embarrass them with childish antics or temper tantrums. Sometimes there’s a fine line between being silly and acting like an idiot. Also, maturity includes being a gentleman and extending chivalrous gestures when appropriate.

3. Lack of Self-Care
This is a two-parter… first, you need to keep yourself in good condition. You don’t have to be ripped, but being in somewhat good shape helps. Most cougars keep themselves fit, so you don’t want to be huffing and puffing trying to keep up with her in bed. Good grooming habits are also expected. Second, your apartment says a lot about you. If you live in a sty, she will lose respect for you fast because it’s a sign you don’t respect yourself.

Of course there are more things I could list, but I’ll save that for another post.

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