Three Rules for Keeping a Cougar Interested

Meeting a mature woman and catching her eye is one thing, but if you’re looking for a relationship that lasts beyond a couple of dates or a few hookups, you need to have more to your game than looks and charm. While no two women are exactly alike, following these simple rules will improve the odds of keeping a good thing going between you and your mature lover.

1. Listen and Learn
If there’s a good enough connection between you and your lady friend that you want to keep it going beyond the initial hookup, this is something you should already be doing: listen when she talks and make mental notes along the way. Women are constantly dropping clues about their desires and preferences, and if you notice and respond to these clues, you score major points. Whether it’s remembering something she wanted and offering it up as a thoughtful gift later, or learning about things that she likes to talk about in order to improve conversation.

2. Find the Right Balance for Public Affection
Your cougar might not like a lot of public petting, or she might be the sort of woman who enjoys flaunting her cub. The important thing from your perspective is figuring out where your woman stands and then acting accordingly. If she prefers to keep the kissing and touching private, keep your hands to yourself when the two of you are out on the town.

3. Always be Reliable
Mature women don’t have time or patience for a flake, so when you make a date with your cougar, be there on time, every time, especially if your goal is to make sure that your date nights with her become a regular thing.

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If you have any other rules that you follow, please leave a comment!

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