Manscaping for Cougars

Do you stress over grooming for older women? Do you care? While it’s true that as women age, we become clear on what they want (and how they want it), when it comes to men and their grooming techniques, they’re less picky than younger women.

You might be wondering why this is. Let me explain. How a guy trims his facial hair, styles his do, or trims his pubes is less important to us than how he treats us, in and out of the bedroom. Yes, hygiene is important to all women, but appearance becomes secondary to personality as women age. That’s why I always try to remind guy’s who are insecure about their looks to focus on their behavior – how they can make a woman swoon with a few simple gestures and to practice those bedroom skills when they can.

Of course, I can’t speak for every woman about her individual preferences when it comes to men’s hair, but I can give you a few simple guidelines to grooming that most older women will appreciate you following.

Groom for yourself – don’t feel like you have to follow the trends or look like what you think women want. Individuality is noticed and appreciated.

Be clean – shower, wash the hair on your head and everywhere else, especially if you want a woman to explore your body.

Too much hair – okay, there is such a thing. If your back looks like a fireside rug, consider waxing. Ouch, right? But hey, women go to a lot of extremes to please their men.

Weird hair in weird places – younger men don’t have to worry about this as much, but as you get older hair crops up in strange locations. Keep an eye out for growing nose and ear hair and trim it before the ladies notice.

Keep it tidy down there – some women may like the bald look, but most just want a trimmed and tidy area around your love wand. And trimming makes it look bigger for those with size issues. But remember, it’s what you do with it, not the size that matters.

There you have it, from a woman who’s seen it all in terms of male grooming. Hope this puts you cubs at ease. 

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