Ask Ava: Virgin Wants Cougar to Teach Him the Ropes

Q: I am a 28-year-old virgin, but I look like I’m 19 years old. I’m often told that I’m attractive by the opposite sex (non-acquaintances, non-friends.) Is it possible for me to find a cougar to “teach” me the ropes? Please give me an honest answer. -J.

A: Hi J. Thanks for writing in. The honest answer is yes. And this comes from personal experience, as well as talking to cougar friends.

I’ve only been with one virgin (who was more than ten years younger). He didn’t tell me he was a virgin, until we were about to have sex, so that was a bit of a surprise, but not one that turned me off. I love showing a younger man “the ropes” and will answer any questions he has. I found the experience refreshing and a fond memory I still carry with me.

My most recent lover was a 28 year old, who also looked much younger, and although not a virgin, was inexperienced. What he lacked in sexual prowess he more than made up for with enthusiasm and an openness to try anything. It can be so refreshing for older women to be with someone who isn’t carrying the baggage of many relationships. There are many reasons why I love younger men, and other cougars too!

So it is possible to find a woman like myself who is more than happy to have sex with a virgin. The hardest part will be finding her. If you like going out to clubs and bars, these are great places to meet older women, but it may take time. Dating sites are often easier. You have two options. A niche dating site like Mature Kiss is centred on pairing younger men with older women, and there is a sexual focus, so it wouldn’t be strange if you even want to mention you’re a virgin in your profile. You can also try a mainstream site like OKCupid and adjust your search to include a higher age bracket that will attract older women. And they have a “What I’m looking for” section that includes casual sex as an option.

Who knows though, you may find your first sexual partner anywhere. I’m a firm believer in being open to meeting people anywhere and at anytime. Because of this I’ve had many exciting encounters with men of all ages. I hope you meet your first soon!

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