Best Places to Meet Older Women

Are you looking for a beautiful older woman to date or hookup with, but don’t know where to look? It’s not like cougars live in a separate part of the dating jungle, but there are specific places we like to frequent, especially when looking for a cub.

Cougars like to work out and stay healthy. This is a great place to find older woman, and you can be almost guaranteed she will be alone and approachable. Also, most exercise facilities have a snack/juice bar where it might be easier to approach her. Don’t be shy about checking out multiple gyms that offer a free trials.

This is where you will find groups of cougars and often you won’t be the one who has to make the first move. With music playing in the background, there is already an ambience and shared interest. If you sense a connection, you can suggest going for a drink after the show or if you are at a small venue, why not send her a drink.

Art Galleries/Museums
Here you’ll find the more sophisticated cougars. If you already have a passion for art and are able to articulate your thoughts you’re half way there. Many single ladies like to stroll through galleries and welcome discussions about the exhibits.

Sporting Events
This could be a big arena football game or softball at your local park. Talking about the game is an easy way to spark up a conversation. You can do this with a woman sitting in the same section or in line for drinks. There’s nothing a female sports fan likes better than a good debate. The energy and excitement at games also elevates our endorphines, opening us up to further arousal.

Night School
This is one of my favourite places to meet cubs. I have a bit of tomboy in me, so I often take classes in things like carpentry, mechanics, and home repair. I can’t say I’ve been disappointed. Usually after a few classes, someone suggests going for drinks and this is how things get started. I’ve even kept in contact with a couple of these guys for casual housecalls.

This one came as a surprise to me, but it was the younger men that approached me that made me see the light. It’s a non-threatening location and there are many ways to open a conversation – you want to know where a particular section is, you want a book recommendation, you need help with the computer system. Libraries also host readings or book clubs where you can meet cougars.

Do you have a go-to place for meeting older women?

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