Sex with Strangers: Online vs Offline

I’m old enough to remember what dating without the internet was like. Meeting people was definitely more challenging than online dating, where you feel like you’re shopping for the man or woman of your dreams or what suits your tastes at a particular moment. At times, meeting people over the computer can feel somewhat calculated, but for sure, emotionally safer. One push of a button and a person can disappear or enter our lives.

I don’t meet men exclusively through dating sites, however, because the spontaneity one feels from an unexpected encounter, well, nothing quite compares. It may occur at a friend’s party when your eyes meet across a room or when a co-worker introduces you to her sister, and wowza – instant attraction!

Now, if you take that in person encounter one-step further, you’ve got potential fireworks on your hands. And of course, this is nothing you can plan. Yes, you can have a one night stand with someone you met online, but there’s still some planning involved and the knowledge whether it’s a possibility or not.

My first time having sex with an offline stranger was over ten years ago, before I even owned a computer. I was renting an apartment by a park where I’d often take a blanket and book to read the afternoon away. Mid-summer, I met Roch, who approached me. It was like he appeared out of nowhere. I don’t remember much after except that before it got dark we were having sex on my living room floor. And that was that, I never saw him again even though I still went to the park. It was a true afternoon delight! Yum.

I really didn’t expect anything like that to ever happen again, but guess what – it did! Recently I was taking a Greyhound bus to visit a relative. I always hope for two seats to myself, but I sure didn’t mind when a young cub squeezed himself into the seat beside me, he was super tall (a weakness of mine). Funny thing is, we didn’t say a word to each other until the bus stopped mid-way at a small restaurant. That’s when we got a good look at one another – and liked what we saw.

He was an apprentice carpenter (another weakness – a man who is good with his hands). We talked and flirted for two hours straight, and when I found out he was staying with friends near the hotel I had booked, I suggested sharing a cab in that direction. I took a risk, asking if he wanted to join me for a drink at the hotel lounge. He did, but we didn’t make it through one before we were back in my room, tearing our clothes off. Sex like that can hold me for a long time. He didn’t stay over, we didn’t exchange numbers, and I’ll never see him again – true stranger sex.

I would never give up online dating or recommend it to anyone else because where else are you going to meet so many beautiful older women in one place. But… always be open to the possibilities of meeting someone spontaneously. Sex with a stranger isn’t for everyone, and please, if you do, use protection.

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