5 Signs She Wants to Hook Up

Wondering if all cougars on dating sites are interested in hooking up? The answer, unfortunately if no. Some women join sites just to look around, see what’s out there, or engage in the occasional flirty conversation. And others are intent on finding sex, perhaps an affair, but when it comes down to the reality they back out. I hate to see young men with raging libidos waste time in their pursuit of sweet satisfaction.

5 Signs that a woman is online to hookup:

1. She has a complete profile. A lot of browsers just fill out part of their profile and don’t give much detail about who they are and what they are looking for. This woman is not trying to attract attention to herself.

2. She has lots of photos. The more pics she has of herself, the more she is trying to catch a man’s eye. No photo – no interest.

3. She is on the site regularly. Most dating sites let users see when the last time other members have signed in. Frequent log ons indicate that she is actively looking to meet men.

4. She responds quickly to your IM/message. The longer it takes her to get back to you, the more hesitation she has about a possible encounter. First day responses show she’s keen and has probably already read your profile and likes what she sees. The flirtier her message the better, and if she asks you lots of questions she’s definitely interested.

5. She is throwing out ideas for possible places to meet up or things to do. If she starts mentioning possible date ideas in your first few back-and-forth emails/IMs then you’ll know she is eager to get the ball rolling.

Hope these cues will help you find cougars who are serious about hooking up. What other signs do you look for?


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