First Date Gift Ideas

Dear Cubs… I know that you know most of us cougars are quite content with some down and dirty satisfying sex, especially when this is part of our online dating profile (ie. “looking for some no-strings-attached fun” or “friends with benefits welcome”) BUT… small gestures are much appreciated by older women and can be the perfect first step on a first date that ends between the sheets.

So now that you know a first date gift is cool, what do you bring, you might ask? Three words to keep in mind: small, thoughtful, fun. By small, I mean inexpensive… spending a lot of money on a stranger will come across as creepy and/or clingy. Thoughtful as it will show her that you read her profile and gave her something personal (ie. an I LOVE PUGS keychain because she had a pic of herself and her dog), and fun as in cute and silly which shows her you have a sense of humour.

First Date Gift Ideas

Flower(s) – best if you’re picking her up because she may feel awkward carrying around a bouquet or single long-stem rose all night.

Wine – great for picnic dates and other outdoor plans you may have made.

Tasty Treat – a piece of fudge, a brownie, or a single cupcake. Check for favorite foods or sweet tooth preferences in her profile.

Old School Candy – candy from her childhood, like Bottlecaps, Sweetarts, or Fundip.

Pet Toy – they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but the way to a woman’s heart is through her furry friend.

Sports Cards – a single pack, but only if you know she’s a big sports fan.

Mood Ring – cute, and you can ask her to wear it on the date to monitor how she’s feeling.

Bath Bomb – she’ll be reminded of you the next time she relaxes in a warm hot bath.

A first date gift can be an ice breaker as well as a reminder of the date and you! Either surprise her by bringing her something when you first meet or buy her something during the date.

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Any gift ideas that you can suggest?

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