3 Reasons to Lose Your Virginity to an Older Woman

Having sex for the first time can be an anxiety-filled experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re a nineteen or twenty-nine-year-old virgin, you should try to make the most of that first sexual outing. Sex with an older woman, who is experienced in the bedroom and the world, is highly recommended. And this pairing of younger man – older woman seems to happen often. Many of my male friends have relayed experiences of losing their virginity to a mature lady and have fond memories of the time.

3 Reasons to Lose Your Virginity to an Older Woman

1. Experience
An older woman knows what’s she’s doing, she knows her body well, and she knows how to please a man. She’ll know not to get you too excited too fast and will respect your inexperience by responding to your desires.

2. Knowledge
Even if you have talked to your friends a lot about sex and everything that goes along with it, there’s nothing compared to the real deal. And if you’re a virgin who has little knowledge about sex, an older woman is more than willing to answer questions, give demonstrations, and show patience with your inexperience.

3. Memory
No matter how good or how bad your first time is, you never forget it… ever! So preparing, as much as possible, to make it as good as possible is important. The above two reasons will help with this. Plus, you’re setting the bar high for great sex in the future.

Finding an older woman to pop your cherry isn’t always easy, but that’s what online dating sites are for. You can browse and talk with women until you feel comfortable enough to meet and maybe, quite possibly take that big step.

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Have you or would you like to lose your virginity to an older woman? Leave a comment!

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