Foreplay Tips for Younger Men

I’ve been writing for Cougar World for a couple of years and realized I hadn’t written a post that gives specific foreplay tips to young cubs. Oops… shame on me! All men need to have a foreplay toolbox. Unfortunately, much of the younger generation seem to be learning sex moves by watching porn, which is a very sad truth and one that disappoints many a cougar like myself. Real sex is very different from what you see on your tablet while jerking off in bed. Don’t forget, those women are paid to moan and scream and look like they’re enjoying those male-centric, foreplay-less routines.

Every woman loves foreplay! And kissing is only the beginning. Of course, the more you know your lady, the more you’ll know exactly what turns her on… which could be you cooking for her, or her watching you fix that leaky faucet (women love men who can cook and who are handy!) You’d be surprised what gets a woman wet sometimes. Here’s a few tips to get you started…

What’s the Hurry?
Sometimes fast and furious is the way to go, especially if you’ve got crazy chemistry, but most of the time you’ll want to take your time which only makes the ending that much more satisfying.

Kiss Her the Right Way
Most women will say there’s nothing worse than a bad kisser. An end-of-the-night kiss that doesn’t measure up often seals the fate. If you’ve never been told you’re an awesome smoocher, you may want to brush up on your kissing skills.

Soft and Silky Touch
Women don’t want to be manhandled during foreplay, later maybe, but a man who knows how to slowly, gently caress her body while exploring is a memorable lover because many men don’t know how to touch a woman.

Undress the Lady
Another rare find is a man who undresses a woman. I don’t know why because it’s sexy as hell when a man slowly lifts, pulls down, unbuttons, unzips, and removes our clothes. Do it with confidence, not hesitation.

Women like those porn massage videos for a reason! She’ll like that you want to pamper her along the way to sweet satisfaction, whether it’s a full-body massage or a foot massage, take your time.

Know Her Weak Spots
Every woman has a few key spots on her body where she loves to be touched, kissed, licked, squeezed, or fondled. If she doesn’t tell you, you can always ask, but it’s fun to just find out by exploring and watching her responses that indicate you’re in the right spot.

As I mentioned, these are standard foreplay tips, but all sorts of strange things can put a woman in the mood long before any of these moves come into play. Romantic movies, bubble baths, or a sensual meals are just a few suggestions.

Guys: What foreplay tips or techniques make your cougar purr?

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