How to Be a Memorable Lover

Ok, men. You’ve landed that super hot cougar of your dreams – or at least you think you have. Are you really knocking it out of the park in the sack? Are you leaving her wanting more? Be careful, son! There’s LOTS of competition out there vying for your cougar’s attention. She can most likely get whatever, whomever, whenever she wants. You best have your “A” game together or you could hear these words that every guy dreads: “we have to talk”.  Don’t wanna hear that now, do you?

Tips for making an everlasting sexual impresssion

Enough About You, What About Her?
Ok guys, NO woman, I mean NO woman likes a selfish lover. You should always come second. Actually, hah – you REALLY should always come second, ya dig? Make sure your woman is satisfied before you are. End of story. No argument. This especially holds true with cougars. They are way past a time where they might have put up with a selfish guy in bed, but not anymore.

Say It With A Kiss
Another thing all women loathe? A bad kisser. Are you a bad kisser, boy? If you’re honest with yourself and know you’re a terrible smoocher, you best figure out a way to start practicing or you’re doomed. You will never leave a lasting impression in bed if you can’t even kiss a woman properly, again, especially a very experienced cougar who knows exactly what she wants. Get this part of your game perfect and she won’t forget you, I promise!

Go With Your Instincts, And Don’t Ask Questions
This is turning into a laundry list of things women loathe that men do in the sack. The third example? An insecure lover. Don’t, under any circumstances, ask for advice, feedback, or direction. You MUST take charge and read her body language – like sounds she makes. Listen for those coos, ooos, and awws and roll with them. It’s not rocket science, bro. Just feel out what’s working for her and run with it. Once you’re done, don’t ask how it was. You should know it was amazing. You want to be remembered for the earth shattering orgasm you helped her achieve, not for being that guy who wanted a play-by-play breakdown and critique of his performance.

Word Of Mouth
There is something to be said about being skilled with your mouth. I’m not talking about being quick witted or the comeback king, I’m talking about oral sex. If you go downtown you best be driving the audi and not the chevette there, dog. Don’t rush and go straight for the prize. Take your time, gently lick, tease, and tempt her pleasure areas before you go in for the kill. The more sensual you are the better. This all takes practice, so don’t be discouraged if it takes time for you to become a pro. There’s a surprising number of fellas out there who won’t go down on women, so with that fact alone you have a major advantage over many guys.

There you have it, fellas. Make sure you tighten up your game. Cougars are a discerning bunch and you must be good at what you do or you’ll face the consequences.

Got any tips on how to be a memorable lover? Share them below!

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