First Date Turn Offs

On a first date, women are on high alert, looking for red flags that will tell her if you’re worthy of a second date. Some you might not be able to help. She may just have an aversion to guys who love telling jokes, or she may not be ready for compliment overload. But there are many turn offs that most women all feel and which you can avoid. And the thing with dating older women is, they’re confident enough to call it quits and keep looking for a suitable lover or boyfriend.

Have you been guilty of any of these first date turn offs?

Women don’t want to hear you bad mouth your boss, your best friend, and especially your family members on a first meet. This negativity puts you in a poor light and makes you look insecure. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it. Keep conversation positive and light.

An older woman loves when a younger man takes the lead, acts like the man, but if you’re doing it without asking for input or her thoughts, she may see you as the jealous/controlling type. If she doesn’t want to do something (for whatever reason) drop it and move on, never be pushy with a cougar – you’ll get the claws!

On the flip side of controlling is the man who is overly passive. Women don’t want a man who can’t make decisions, plan a date, or be creative. Flexibility is a good trait, but if turns into wishy-washy-whatever you want kind of behavior, you’ll see her rolling her eyes. A cougar wants a young man not a boy.

Talking too much is very unattractive, especially if it’s all about yourself – yawn! Easiest thing you can do to impress a woman on a first date is to focus on her by asking questions, this shows a genuine interest in getting to know her better. Being a good listener is hot!

Mature women understand that younger men are still finding their way in the world, but if you have zero ambition, zero passions (and dating doesn’t count), and zero thoughts about your future, you’ll be hard pressed to find a woman who will be interested beyond date #1.

Any first date no-no’s you can add to this list?

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