Cub Skills that Impress Cougars

Women are attracted to different qualities in men, sure. But there are skills that most women, especially older women, are turned on by. Getting to know someone new and unravelling their strengths and talents is fun and exciting, but you can’t hide everything when you’re creating an online dating profile. You need to get that first date first, right?

Writing an awesome profile is so important. Whether you’re filling one out for the first time or updating an old one, you’ll want to focus on categories that ask what you’re good at or what your strengths are. These areas show a woman that you have passions and the commitment needed to learning a skill. Be creative – maybe you’re good at giving a woman a pedicure or building spaceships out of Lego. A little humour goes a long way.

Skills that Attract a Woman’s Attention

  1. Conversation – this may sound simple, but I know a lot of men struggle with talking to women on dates. You need to know how to start a dialogue and keep it going.
  2. Playing an Instrument – women love musicians (okay, maybe not the bongo drums), and if you’re in a band, even better.
  3. Handyman – it’s good to be able to fix computer problems, but a man who is good with his hands is always appreciated.
  4. Dancing – bad dancing is better than no dancing at all. If a woman likes to shake it and you don’t, know that she’ll be shimmying up with some other guy when you’re out at the club.
  5. Cooking – if you can’t cook an egg, take a class. Having a few go-to recipes is a great skill to have when planning dates.
  6. Sports – women like to watch men move. If it’s something that include a partner (ie. rowing, softball, skating) all the better.
  7. Style – not necessarily a skill but having your own look, away from current trends is sure to get you noticed.
  8. Language – speaking another language is hot, hot, hot. And giving a woman lessons is a great way to bond.

I didn’t mention bedroom skills (of course, women love these) but as a cougar, I’m never impressed with a guy who lists this in his profile, plus, most guys I’ve met don’t live up to such claims – the expectation is too high once you’ve thrown it out there. Think: show, don’t tell!

You don’t have to be an expert on something to list it on your profile. Anything you are passionate about – studying, learning, or practicing – will attract attention.

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Remember: Be creative, be honest, and be yourself.

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