Making a Wish List for Your Dream Girl

Looking for Love with One Woman

This may sound corny to a lot of you guys out there, but most women I’ve known do this at least once in their life to help find the men they are looking for at a particular time in their lives. And from my own experience, it can work, and often does.

Even though online dating can help make the process of finding someone easier, you can send a message out to the universe that will help attract the type of woman you are looking for. If all you’re after is a one night stand, well, you might not care about the details so much; but if you’re looking for something more, it can really help to know what you want before you look.

Most of us learn what we don’t want in a partner from past relationships (remember that girlfriend who judged everyone, or the one who didn’t get along with your best friend?) And all that information is a great starting point. But because these are usually negative traits/thoughts about exes, turn them into positives when you write your wish list. For instance, in the examples I gave, you could write: non-judgemental and easy to get along with as qualities your dream girl would have.

Once you’ve listed all the “negative turned positive” qualities from past relationships, think about the characteristics that you did love in the women you’ve dated. These need only be a single word or more descriptive and may include things like ambitious, creative, supportive, likes to cook, loves dogs, family-oriented, wants a big family.

Now that you’ve used past experiences with women as a starting point, try to imagine what it would be like with the woman of your dreams. What would you do together? Apart? Would you live in the city? The country? By now, your list is probably quite substantial.

Read it over, imagine a woman possessing all (or most) of these traits, and find a special place for your list. You don’t want to read it before bed every night, you just want to file it away, and forget about it. The energy you give while writing it and thinking about the possibility is enough for the universe to recognize.

Now… go about your business, date away, and see what happens. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Have you ever made a wish list? Do you believe?

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