Where to Meet Younger Men: Pros & Cons

One of the great things about the trend of men dating older women is that as these relationships have become more common and acceptable,and it has made it easier for cougars to meet cubs. These days, an older woman can have more confidence that a younger man will be interested and worry less about his concern for what other people might think. It helps to know where to find your prospective cubs, of course, so here are three suggestions.

1. The Gym

Fitness clubs offer advantages: fit, muscular men who take care of themselves. The gym is also a place where many guys can’t help but feast their eyes on the ladies working out, so you might literally catch a cubs’s eye, offering you a great opening to introduce yourself and set the hook. Breaking the ice in person can be awkward and getting someone you don’t want to take a hint may also be challenging.

2. Sports Bars

These are best if your a sporty cougar, but even if you aren’t, having fun with a guy while he’s whooping it up over a game and letting his testosterone flow gives you Cool Chick status. If you don’t know anything about the sport that he’s watching, ask him questions about it; guys love feeling like they’re teaching women something. Still, it requires you to sit there and listen to nonsense about sports from beer-swilling jocks.

3. At Work

Obviously you have to be careful with this one, but workplace romances are common for a reason. You spend a lot of time around coworkers, and sexual tension often becomes a factor. Lots of guys have fantasies about nailing the older women around the office which is great, but you may have to figure out how to keep it a secret which can be a real inconvenience.

That’s the main reason why sites like MatureKiss.com and RealCougars.com have become popular. A cougar on the prowl at Real Cougars can find plenty of cubs with all the convenience of simple online searches while browsing the profiles of beautiful men who are available right now!

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