What a Woman Wants from a Younger Man

The view out my window is powerful tonight. My butter cream-coloured walls contrast complementary with the deep azure sky. And as I lay here feeling rather dignified sipping on my favorite full-bodied red, I remember when I used to drink for the drunk. Now? I drink for the gentle sips that flow into my mouth. The sips that coat my tongue and slip their way to the back of my throat. I think back to the days when I had little refinement. And although I am still gregarious and outspoken, there’s a defined direction within. As the drink lightly intoxicates my head, I think of you: a buoyant boy who’s willing to tend to my somewhat decadent, but experienced needs. And to add to my dignified state, I comfortably laze on my huge, dusty-blue sofa as I dream of you lying here next to me.

Inquire Within
First? Ask about what we’re feeling, what mood we’re in, what we’re thinking about, and what we want to do. It could be the taste for something to eat or drink, or perhaps it’s for something we want to do. When you ask your cougar what she wants, you tap into her world and make a connection. When you make that connection and show interest, she feels noticed and cared for. And in return, she will often bring you to the bedroom to show you just how much that means to her.

Give and Get Respect
Cougars are past the princess stage. We don’t expect to be given everything on a platter. We know what we want. And we’re more up front about it. As a cub, you don’t have to guess, as there are few moments of drama. (Note: anyone who says they aren’t into drama – often are! Be wary. We’re human. And humans are drama-making machines.) For the most part – we have tapped into a mindset that defines us as mature women. Give us the respect that we want and deserve, and we will give back in kind, and beyond.

Know Our Body
Mature women have had the luxury of going through the early and awkward stages of life. Happily, we are no longer there. We are comfortable with what our bodies have become – our many curves and experiences will prove it. Do not expect us to feel awkward or out of place. We have likely been with enough partners to know what feels right. Expect to be surprised. Expect us to know our bodies. Our curves will direct you into all the right spaces.

If you’ve never been with a mature woman, but dream to be; I encourage you to take the steps to do so. You are likely to be desired as much as you desire us.

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