Should You Date a Cougar?

Many men are curious about dating older women, if cougars are a good match for them.There are some definite answers to this question and they do run the full range of responses based on many factors. You need to be in touch with your own personality and sexuality. After all, this is going to be an adult relationship between you and a cougar, so naturally there will be much physical interaction and intellectual stimulation. That’s why it’s most important to know whether you are in fact attracted physically to mature women. Do you enjoy watching porn that casts younger men with older women?

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When you’re chatting up a cougar on a dating site, be sure to talk about any concerns you may have ant to ask what kind of relationship she is looking for. She will appreciate your mature approach to dating, and recognize that you are only making sure that this is a compatible match. At the same time you are evaluating whether or not this is the right kind of woman for you, so pay attention to how you’re feeling about her responses. If she is only interested in a sexual fling or friend-with-benefits, don’t be surprised. Many women are purely interested in a sex-based relationship with a younger man. If something more comes out of your connection, great, but you won’t have the usual pressure you might feel from girls your own age.

When it comes to making a match with a cougar, let her lead the way in most things. It’s the role that she is most comfortable in or she wouldn’t be called a cougar in the first place. Are you comfortable in the more submissive role when on dates? You should be aware of your own tendencies and preferences long before making a first date. There are plenty of good reasons to date a cougar when it comes to her, so just take a little bit of time and make sure it’s right for you.

To delve deeper into these key questions, we suggest joining the conversation in a cougar online dating community like because then you can get live responses from mature women and the lovers who adore them to help you make your decision.

Dating Women: Younger vs. Older

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