Dating Women: Younger vs Older

I won’t lie, I get around. Between online dating and meeting ladies on the fly, I’ve had my share of women. I don’t discriminate by age, but lately, I feel like skipping on the young ones altogether. Cougars are just absolutely superior IMO because, man, there so many benefits to dating a mature, lovely older woman.

Let’s talk dating cougars versus younger women, shall we?

Experience Experience Experience
Cougars have it in spades; young women simply don’t. If you’re looking for superior blow jobs, sex, and a woman who is a hell of a lot more confident and comfortable in bed then look no further. A cougar has been around the block. She not only knows what a man wants, but also what she wants. There’s nothing worse than an insecure indecisive young woman to deflate any steam or spontaneous activities in a relationship. Ugh. And, younger women have way more hang ups and insecurities they’re not mature enough to let go of just yet. Cougars have long shed those coats, ya dig?

Static Cling
Younger women tend to be super clingy. Let’s face it. It’s hard to find a man out there who will fit what they want and sometimes that’s scary for a young immature mind. If you fit the bill of what they’re looking for, you may attract a healthy dose of stage 5 clingers. On the other hand, cougars usually aren’t looking for serious long-term relationships because they lead busy lives and are very independent. I can tell you, I’ve had the most easy breezy relationships with women who are 40 plus. If you’re looking for casual yet passionate relationships, look no further.

It’s All About Etiquette
I can’t tell you how many dates I’ve been on with younger women who consider their smart phones an extra appendage. I mean, seriously! How rude can you get? I’m taking you out on a nice date to a nice restaurant and all you want to do is text your friends or tweet about the restaurant decor or post a picture of your food on Instagram? Put the phone away, honey. I’ve never gone on a date with a cougar who has pulled what I describe above. If etiquette is your thing, older women have it while the average 25-year-old woman does not!

Sweet Cougar Sounds
Here’s one thing that really really annoys me about younger women. Their voices. How many women are actually from the valley? Why do 8 out of 10 young women speak with that valley girl lilt in their voice? Do you take pride in sounding like everyone else? It’s either that or some new trend I didn’t get the memo on. If you don’t believe me, check out this article: Why Old Men Find Young Women’s Voices So Annoying. Anyway, what you hear is what you get with a cougar. They aren’t trying to impress anyone or fit in with any crowd and therefore say it like it is. It may seem like a small thing, but it’s not. Do you really want to listen to a fake accent for hours? I know I don’t!

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Well, there you have it. I could go on for days on this subject, for real, but I’d love to hear your opinion on the subject. Let’s talk!

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