Preparing for Your First Date with a Cougar

If you’re new to dating older women, the very first date can be intimidating. Preparing for your big night out can ensure that things go more smoothly, and these steps give you something other than your nerves to focus on before the date.

When choosing what to do on your first date, steer the evening toward an activity or location where you feel at home. Don’t choose based solely on her interests if that means doing something foreign or uninteresting to you. For example, if she loves opera, but you’re likely to fall asleep long before the final act, arrange a something you both enjoy instead. Dinner or coffee are good places to start, so no need to leave your comfort zone right away.

Select and wear clothes that look good and feel comfortable wearing. That latter point is crucial; it doesn’t matter how good you look in a suit if wearing it leaves you wiggling and squirming all night. If you aren’t sure what looks good on you, enlist the help of a friend – preferably a female.

In the hours before your date, do something that relaxes you. If you like to chill out and listen to music, put on tunes that soothe your nerves. If you’re the active type, get some exercise – just be sure to leave plenty of time to cool down, wash up, and get to your date on time.

Most importantly, put yourself in a frame of mind where you expect to have fun on your date. If you walk in happy and ready to have a good time, it puts the date on positive footing from the start. Fun is often contagious; if you’re feeling it, she will too!

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How do you prepare for a first date?

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