How to Make a Great First Impression with an Older Woman

Younger men often feel anxious about going on first dates with older women. They worry she will expect more, and to be fair, this is usually the case. But it’s not because you are younger, it’s because we are older and we know what we like, and more importantly – what we want. That’s why you always want to make a good, if not great, first impression. Leaving a woman wanting more is how you do it! So here’s a few tips from me to you that will help you do just that…

1. Practice good hygiene. Sounds obvious but needs mentioning. You may have showered the morning of your date, but that’s a lot of hours in between for sweat to collect in nooks and crannies, and food in teeth. You may not be planning to get intimate, but you never know, so shower, shave, brush and floss before you head out the door.

2. Dress with a bit of flair. Think about what you’re wearing because I can guarantee she has put thought into her appearance. You don’t want to look like a schlub but overdressing is just as bad. Clean and well-put together with consideration of where you’re going is all you need to think about.

3. Smile and make eye contact often. A smile tells a woman that you are many things – confident, comfortable, enjoying yourself, and easy to talk to. Eye contact, especially during conversation, lets a woman know you are focused on her and what she is saying. If she is meeting your gaze, you’ll know she’s keen, too!

4. Behave like a gentleman. Sadly, chivalry and many basic manners seem to be sliding amongst the younger generation. Cougars notice this, so will be duly impressed if you take care to hold doors open, be polite to her and those around you, and mind your swearing.

5. Pick up the tab. We understand that many younger men don’t have money to burn, but if this is your first date, it’s important to treat her. Either save the money or plan a date that won’t break the bank. Most older women will be more interested in a fun well-planned date, than how much you spend on her.

How do you make a great first impression?

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