Dating on a Budget

Is dating draining your bank account? Do you feel like you can’t impress an older woman without spending a small fortune? Have you stopped dating because you’re broke all the time. Dating can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

As a younger man, you might still be establishing a career, attending school, working part-time, or paying off student loans. Most older women understand this, and are not interested in your money or lack thereof. Stress less cubs, it’s your fun carefree lifestyle mixed with a sexual chemistry that we crave.

Tips to Help You Stay in the Dating Game 


Don’t be afraid to tell a woman about your financial situation. Cougars are not after your money and they won’t judge you. Many older women, if they have the money, don’t mind paying for dates. Don’t ask her, but don’t be embarrassed if she does pay.

Avoid Debt
Don’t spend money you don’t have. Your irresponsibility, even though you might be trying to impress her, will wind up costing you. I dated one cub that, unknown to me, slowly went into bankuptcy and had to move back in with his parents. That was the end of that.

Be Creative
There are many things you can do that cost little to no money. Sex is number one on my list. Now, if I’m jumping ahead and she’s not a casual encounter, then think of an interest you share and plan around that. Go for a swim, nature walk, or a bike ride. Challenge her to a game of Wii bowling or play frisbee in the park. She won’t think you’re a cheapskate, she’ll just think you’re more fun than the older guys she used to date.

Adjust the Plan
With a little tweaking, you can follow your idea or interest on a smaller scale and budget. For example, if you’re both foodies, go for brunch instead of dinner. Take a trip to the local market where you can sample and then shop to cook dinner together. If you’re both film buffs, rent a movie and cuddle on the couch instead of paying admission at the cinema.

Stay at Home
A date doesn’t always mean going out, getting dressed up, and spending a fortune. Set the mood with atmospheric additions – candles, aromatic oils, her favorite music, cozy blankets and pillows. Offer a romantic massage or foot rub. Maybe a board game is more your style.

Low Key
Instead of drinks at a bar, go the park route. This is especially good when getting to know someone. Let her be the centre of attention – listen and ask questions. Pack a picnic. Take nuts or bread to feed the squirrels or birds (most women are turned on by a man’s sensitivity to animals.) Maybe she or you owns a dog that you can walk together.

Any tips for dating when money is tight?

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