Extreme Cougar Dating: Kyle Jones Documentary Special

There may be a 60-year age gap between 91-year-old cougar Marjorie McCool and her 31-year-old lover Kyle Jones, but that doesn’t make their relationship any less special or real.

You can see in pictures on the net how Marjorie just glows when she is around Kyle, and the couple has bragged about their hot sex life on national television. Kyle Jones is a serial cougar dater. As he explained in one article “Everyone’s brain is wired differently. Some guys prefer blondes, some brunettes, some like other guys – I like old ladies.”

The cougars of his life are more than happy to receive his attentions. Kyle isn’t a monogamous kind of guy and is often dating a few cougars at a time. Marjorie doesn’t mind though because she loves Kyle’s special attentions, especially the sexual kind! Ms. McCool boasted to one television interviewer that she can still put her leg up on Mr. Jones’ shoulder for interesting and hot sex positions. In addition, the cougar exclaimed happily to a reporter that their relationship was mostly about sex. “It makes you feel like you’re alive again,” reported Marjorie, talking about dating a cute cub in general.

Now, British television network, Channel 5, has picked up Kyle’s story for a 60-minute special, which will be called Grandmother Lover, and will air sometime in 2015. The initial 5-minute long viral video, which was produced by British production company Barcroft Productions, that skyrocketed Kyle and his mature lovers to fame was called Cougar Hunter. The short movie has over 3 million views on social networking sites. “Personally I cannot wait to catch this TV special,” gushed Paula, a popular cougar and research analyst for OlderHookups.com. “I’m hoping it will show that no matter what age, a cougar is a very sexy woman. And I’m hoping it will encourage more guys who love mature women to join Older Hookups to find cougars to date.”

Meet Kyle and Marjorie in this video:
[youtube id=”omcxjXiWwpU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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