Dating Older Women with Plastic Surgery: Part 3

So, first I was sold on the idea of my dear friend getting face-work done. (Read: Dating Women with Plastic Surgery: Part 1)

Then I was blown away immediately after the surgery, even through the bandages. (Read: Dating Women with Plastic Surgery: Part 2)

I’ve now finally seen her completely unbound and healed. The results are astonishing.

While still bruised and swollen and bandaged, she looked like Angelina Jolie in her fifties. Take my word for it that—having now completely healed—she looks like Angelina in her forties! I damn near shit a brick when I saw her.

I am so convinced that cosmetic surgery need not yield grotesque results that it now has my full endorsement. Never again will I associate the process with Joan Rivers. Clearly all that’s needed is solid research into a trustworthy doctor (and a pocket fulla coin).

Speaking of doctors and coin, here’s what my friend and I discovered:

Cosmetic surgeons are obviously setting their prices according to their real estate expenses.

At least that’s what we encountered. The exact same services varied up to $10,000 in price when the office was located on a chi-chi street, sometimes only a block apart. (There was yet another significant drop in price at an office located in a suburban strip mall. Best to cross that option off your list unless you want The Gotham City Special…)

So now she’s looking twenty years younger, feels awesome about herself, and has been hit on by men left-right-and-centre. I swear it’s right out of a movie.

And why was it such a success? Because you can’t tell she had it done. If you’d never met her before, zero chance you’d notice. Anyone who knew her before has, at most, questioned, “You look great! Have you been working out?”

What else can I say—my friend is walking-talking proof that, if you really want to get a few corners folded and have 12 to 15K in your bank account, your dream can come true without you looking like a creature.

Now if we can only get her to quit smoking…


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