Dating Older Women with Plastic Surgery: Part 1

I’ve had guys tell me all bets are off if a woman is at the point of getting a face-lift. Besides the fact that the statement is sexist (as if men don’t have work done!), it’s off-base: we’ve come to associate face-lifts with Joan Rivers, but the truth is the procedure ain’t what it used to be, and you’d be surprised to know who’s had work done if you hadn’t met them before.

Recently a friend asked me along to her consultation. She’s 65 but looks 55, gorgeous, and continues to be a sexually confident woman. Personally, I saw no reason for her to have any work done, and told her so. But she was insisting on having her lower-face and neck nipped and tucked. When the surgeon showed us what my friend would look like “after”, it was unbelievable. A (nowadays) simple procedure would give her up to fifteen years extra.

I was sold. My friend will be getting her first face-lift in three months time. And I say if you got the cash (she does), then why not.

If, after an awesome evening of great sex, you found out that the woman you were with was actually 65 years old, what difference would it make? It certainly wouldn’t change the fact that the sex was great. And obviously she didn’t look 65, so, really, what’s the big deal?

Here’s what you gotta get out of your head: face-lifts are no longer about having the skin stretched back like a strip of rubber. Those days are over. They now lift and reshape the muscles beneath, which allows the skin to remain taught. It’s quite amazing (and amazingly expensive).

And why is it any less acceptable than having breast-work done? Society seems quite at ease with that choice of package. I think it’s time we dissociate face-work from Frankenstein and allow the women (and men) who choose to have it done freedom from stigma.

I love when women are beautiful. If something helps make them look more beautiful—or more importantly, feel more beautiful—then I’m behind it all the way.

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