6 Reasons to Hook Up with a Cougar

If you’ve never had sex with an older woman (and I don’t mean someone two years older, but a real cougar), then you really are missing out. There’s a reason why there have been so many books, movies, and tv shows that feature this cougar cub relationship. I put no limits on age when it comes to dating, but I am drawn to younger men time and time again. Here are six reasons why you should also open up your dating range to older women. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Experience. Women who seek younger men like sex and want to engage with someone who has stamina and enthusiasm. They’ve tried most things and have mastered many. Cougars pride themselves on their bedroom skills, and you will be impressed!

2. Kink. An older woman has either become comfortable with her fetishes and sexual proclivities or is ready to start exploring. She won’t balk at your request to be tied up or to spank her. She may even show you a few of her toys!

3. No-strings Sex. The majority of cougars want fun and adventure with a younger man. They’re not looking for a baby daddy or someone to forge a serious relationship with. If you’re not sure, just ask. Cougars are straight up about what they want.

4. Honesty. Not only will they let you know what they want, they are also comfortable answering any questions when it comes to sex. You can use porn to get off, but never use it to learn what sex is really like. You’ll find the real deal with an older woman.

5. Knowledge. Not sure what or where the g-spot is? What position most women like? Or how to give a woman a spanking that gets her wet? Cougars know and will share their insights with their playful cubs.

6. Confidence. If you’re a submissive man, an older woman can play the dominant… or dominatrix! And cougars are confident in their bodies, so there will be none of that sex with the lights off crap.

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