Spanking Tips for Men

Whether it’s you or your partner who initiates the idea of spanking into your sexual repertoire, there are basics to consider. First of all, women who love spanking will not just let any partner spank her. It takes trust that may develop quickly or take time. If you are so lucky as to enjoy this kind of ass play with your lady, then take these tips into consideration to make the most of it.

Take Your Cues from Her
Sure, you can ask your new lover if she likes to be spanked because some women may be shy to bring it up, but don’t push it if she’s never tried it. By suggesting it, you will have planted the seed, and she will be thinking about it. Unless you have a d/s relationship, she will likely let you know the position she wants to be in and the instrument she wants you to use.

Be Creative
Sexual exploration should be fun and involve the imagination. If you’ve only just discovered spanking, you’ll probably start by using your hand… but don’t stop there. Every instrument has a different feel that will keep things interesting. Try the back of a hairbrush, a belt, or a paddle. And don’t be afraid to mix it up with bondage or blindfolds.

Anticipation is Key
Of course, you will always respond to what a woman likes or doesn’t, but if she’s had experience or has become comfortable, you’ll realize it’s the not knowing when the next spank is coming or how hard it might be that is really exciting to her. The anticipation alone can make a woman very hot and wet.

Don’t Confuse Pain with Pleasure
Women don’t want to be hurt during sex, and spanking should always be about pleasure. You can use the term “punishment” as part of a role play (bad student and teacher or boss and disobedient employee) which is another great add-on to spanking and helps to create a fun, yet safe environment to explore spanking.

Any spanking tips or experiences you want to share? Please leave a comment.

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