3 Things a Cougar Looks for In a Date

For a lot of guys, reading a woman is like trying to translate Egyptian hieroglyphics without the Rosetta Stone. The signs look good, but they can’t be sure they understand what they’re seeing. This is especially true when an inexperienced man has his sights set on a cougar, and the age difference makes him even less sure about what she’s looking for.

1. Confidence
You’ve heard it before, I’ll say it again – women are drawn to confident men. This is true of women of any age, but especially true of mature women. They don’t want a man who needs to be propped up or coddled, they want one who is self-assured, comfortable in his own skin, and who knows how to take charge. Whether it is behind the wheel or between the sheets, a cougar likes a man who knows what he’s doing, and knows how to project that confidence out where the world can see it.

2. Independence
The last thing a cougar wants is a needy man who doesn’t have a personality of his own. She doesn’t want to make all your decisions for you, and even if she wants control, she doesn’t want the burden of calling all the shots. She wants to know that you can stand on your own and think for yourself. This doesn’t mean you should disagree with her at every turn, but you don’t want to respond to everything she says with “yes, dear” either!

3. Sex Appeal
Precisely what a cougar will find sexy varies from woman to woman of course, but rest assured she will be judging your sexual allure from the moment she first lays eyes on you. Sex appeal isn’t all about visual features, either. The way you touch her, especially during sex, will have a major impact in the way she thinks of you sexually. You don’t have to be endowed with leading man looks to win over the libido of your cougar, you just have to pay attention to what she responds to, and deliver it to her with consistency and enthusiasm.

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