10 Deal Breakers with Older Women

If you want a to date an older women, there are certain behaviors that need to be avoided. I call these relationship killers. Because cougars have been around the block, they’ve seen it all and have put up with a lot over the years. A cougar’s tolerance for crap is low, so if you’re looking for romance with an older lady then be aware of these deal breakers.

1. Flirting with younger women. We don’t want to feel good one minute, being with our hot younger guy, and then see him checking out a younger woman then next. We know you notice women your own age, but do it on your own time – hands off!

2. Jealousy. Older women often have full social lives and may be friends with exes. A little jealousy is normal, but express it and forget about it. Never check up on a cougar. We expect trust.

3. Temper. If you exhibit unpredictable aggression, you’re done. Get help.

4. Irresponsible. We want the crazy and wild fun, yes, but we also want a certain amount of maturity. Take responsibility for your actions when you screw up. It’s sexy.

5. Too serious. We have this problem with men our own age, so we don’t expect or want to see it in our cubs. Act your age with spontaneity and playfulness.

6. Selfishness. Everyone wants what they want, we get it. But putting your woman’s needs and desires ahead of your own keeps her interested. This applies in and out of the bedroom. Just so you know, nice guys can finish first.

7. Lying. You don’t need to lie to a cougar. One, we don’t judge the same way girls your own age do. And two, we’ve got spidey senses, so why bother. Honesty is highly respected.

8. Emotionally closed. Sex is great, of course, but there also needs to be a deeper level of intimacy that comes through sharing your fears, desires, goals, and struggles.

9. Not getting along with our friends. You may find it challenging to hang with an older crowd whether because of insecurity or lack of confidence. All we ask is you make an effort.

10. Doormat. Cougars are strong, for sure, but we certainly don’t want a younger man so we can walk all over him. We want an equal who shows initiative and confidence in who he is and what he wants.

What do you think? Can you avoid these deal breakers?

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