How a Nice Guy Can Finish First

Nice guys finish last and bad guys get the girl. This is a cliché because it’s true most of the time. How many times have you had your eye on a woman, started flirting with her, only to be disappointed because she’s fallen for some jerk?

I’ve had my share of bad guys, and it took me a while to realize that bad guys make bad boyfriends. The challenge is finding a nice guy who isn’t boring. You don’t have to be a jerk to get laid. There are qualities and behaviours that when added to a genuinely nice personality will improve your chances.

Be original – Forget being what you think women want, be yourself, quirks and all.

Confidence – Know who you are and don’t  let society or others dictate how you behave.

Interests – Have your own thing going on. A lot of nice guys think being attentive is what women want. We do, but not all the time. Clingy wears thin fast.

Mystery – Be open and honest, but don’t reveal everything right away. A woman loves a man with a few hidden secrets or talents. Let her get to know you slowly.

Be the Man – We don’t want to make all the decisions, plan every date, or solve every problem. If you act like a friend, that’s all you’ll be.

Skills – Strive to excel at something, whether it be a hobby, sport, or sexual practice. This confidence is bad in a good way.

Test boundaries – See what you can get away with. You may think certain behaviours (such as flirting and talking about sex) are unacceptable. You’d be surprised.

Be the Hunter – Make the first move. Just because it’s okay for a woman to pursue doesn’t mean we always want to. Women who traditionally go for the bad guys like a man who takes charge.

Action – Do more than listen. Nice guys are great sounding boards, but if you’re interested in being more than pals you’ll have to start acting like more than a friend. Be playful – joke and tease with her – make her blush.

Opinions – Don’t agree with everything she says in order to please her. We want an equal, not a puppy. A little debate and difference of opinion can heat things up fast.

Nice Guys – How do you finish first?

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