Having Sex with a Woman During Her Period

I had a great conversation with a male friend about how men and women think differently about sex during a woman’s period. We were honest with one another and shared friends’ thoughts on the matter as well. I will say that my own views and behaviour on the subject have evolved over the years.

Most women don’t want sex during their period, especially the first few days, when things are heavy. Even prior to getting a period, women may feel hesitant, as sometimes penetration can get things flowing. When I was younger, there was no way I was going to have sex on my period because I was way too self-conscious and thought men would find it gross. Not to mention the bloating, cramping, and bleeding can make a woman feel unattractive, as well as physically unwell.

Men on the other hand, as I’ve experienced and now been reinforced through my friend, don’t really care. “It’s sex,” he said, “you think a little blood is going to get in the way of the male sex drive.” Hmmm. I paused and thought, he’s right. It’s way more of a woman’s issue than a man’s. Although, I did have a lover once who insisted we do it but made a big spectacle of laying down towels and wanting me to shower, which killed the mood instantly (note: don’t do this men!) My friend went on to say it usually takes a little coaxing to make them feel comfortable, but once you do, then women are all in.

Not soon after this confirmation, I had sex mid-stream, so to speak, without hesitation or the need for encouragement; my lover was pleasantly surprised. I guess the message for younger men is: even older women may need a little re-assuring, and convincing that you really don’t care about a little blood before opening the gates.

I do know there are men who actually have a fetish for sex during menstruation and will even go down (which by the way, women never expect you to do at this time).

And since we are talking about older women, sex during her period may not even be an issue!

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I’d love to hear a man’s thoughts on this subject. Have I got it right, is sex with a woman on her period no big deal?

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