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Tips for Sending Online Messages to Older Women

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No one is disputing the fact that there are people online for the sole purpose of hooking up for sex. It’s also understood that dating/hookup sites even allow us to e-request sex as our initial greeting. It all suits me fine.

In the context of young’uns chasing older women, it’s wise to consider how you communicate with a woman who, because of the generation gap, may ignore your direct messages because:

1. She doesn’t understand them.
2. She’s unimpressed.

E-lingo is the issue here. Yes, I understand it blooms throughout our new digital age, but it’s handy to remember that not everyone belongs to the digital age. Or rather, not everyone older than 40 responds well to its blitzkrieg on English.

For example:

Initial Message. If the first thing an older woman reads from you is some variation of…

what r u n2?
r u n2 fuck?
u wanna fuck?
lik 2 b tid up?

…I’m willing to bet my life she’ll either delete your message or have a good laugh at you. You don’t have to have won the grammar contest, but complete sentences will get you farther. Christ, what am I saying: complete words will get you farther still! (And for the record, wassup? and yo aren’t considered complete words.)

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Here’s what you gotta know: Just because she’s online looking for sex right there and then, she’s not so rushie-rush that she won’t exchange online messages for a while in order to get to e-know you (sorry, your gorgeous cock pic alone won’t do it). Do not choose an in-her-face sex request as your opener.

For your initial message, grab a dictionary if necessary and try one of the following:

A kind greeting (Hello/I loved your profile/Beautiful pic!)

A mention of her profile content (I see in your profile you enjoy ________)

That alone should be enough to engage her in e-chat (if she’s interested in your profile, that is.) You always need a great profile to back up your message. Once the conversation begins, tease the idea of a sexy-hookup. Remember, women are far more patient than men (especially young men). Keep it in your pants until she responds accordingly.

If she does ultimately invite you to hook up, don’t reply with c u then. Or it’ll be L8R G8R for you.


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