How To Seduce an Older Woman

Seducing older women can be a real challenge for guys, particularly at first, when your nerves and inexperience are major obstacles. While there’s no magic formula that will make all mature women melt in your arms, there are certain tips and techniques that will improve your odds and take some of the mystery out of approaching women who strike your fancy.

One thing to keep in mind: the same things that work on college chicks and twenty-something babes will fall flat if you try them on older women. These ladies have been around the block a few times, and they’ve heard every lame line in the book along the way. You aren’t going to make an impression trying to wow them with your knowledge of the world, or through cliché compliments. They’ll just roll their eyes, ask the bartender to close their tab, and leave you sitting at the bar red-faced and blue-balled.

When wooing an older woman, start by showing them respect and a degree of deference, but avoid acting like you’re talking to your grandmother. Don’t do things that make it clear you’re focused on the age difference between you; talk like an equal, not someone being polite because he thinks that’s what a man does when he talks to an older lady.

Compliments and praise are fine, but be sure you don’t lay it on too thick, and never be obvious. Don’t use trite, tired lines like “Wow, I would never have guessed that you’re over 50;” instead, select something specific about the woman you truly find attractive and focus on it. Make it clear that you are paying attention to her, not fetishizing her out of some general interest in having an older lover.

It’s also important to avoid topics of conversation and activities that emphasize the age difference between you. Don’t dwell on stories about your college days (particularly if you’re still in college), and don’t take her places where she will feel like a fish out of water.

Ultimately, the key to landing an older lover is to make her feel a combination of comfortable, special, and, above all else, desired. Don’t make the mistake of leaping ahead to the sexual come-on, and you’ll be half way home.

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