4 Sex Tricks for Pleasing a Mature Woman

As a mature woman who has been sexually active for decades, I’ve been with my share of men and I’ve spent even more time getting myself off, so I’m a pretty good judge of what works when it comes to pleasing a cougar.

1. Take your time.

Unless your mature lover tells you otherwise, it’s a good idea to slow down and make it last. Believe me, she has been with plenty of men who finish in five minutes or less; what she wants now is a lover who knows how to make it last and keep things interesting at the same time.

2. Steady, consistent oral stimulation.

You know that clitoral stimulation with your tongue is a good thing, but did you know that not just any kind of stimulation will do? The next time you go down on a cougar, don’t just randomly lick and suck away down there, get in a rhythm and give her time to really get into the motion and contact. And don’t stop on your own after thirty seconds – she will let you know when you’re done.

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3. Slow and steady wins the race.

When you make love to a cougar, or any woman for that matter, don’t hammer like a carpenter, work it like a sculptor gently shaping his clay. Focus on her pleasure and pay close attention to the way she responds to different strokes and angles. If she likes to tell you what she wants, that’s great for both of you, but if you figure it out on your own, the sex will be all the more magical.

4. Lead or follow.

Unless it’s your first time with your mature lover, you should have a feel for whether she likes being in charge, or likes it when you take control. Be flexible enough to have it either way, and then go with the flow.

Sex with a lovely older lady is a lot like dancing. If you relax and move your body to the rhythm, everyone has a great time. The key to staying relaxed is getting comfortable before your big date. It helps to associate with cougars at the office, around town, friends of friends, or in online dating communities where you can get a good feel for the pulse of what’s on their minds.

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