Relationships with Submissive Cougars

Cougars are known for their confidence, sexual savoir faire, and all-round take-charge attitude. And how they’ve earned it! But there’s another breed—maybe not so plentiful, but on the loose all the same.

She’s The Submissive Cougar. And despite her deferential title, she’s just as confident as her authoritarian sisters. And just as much fun in the sac.

Here’s the thing:

Sometimes a woman (or a man, let’s be fair) spends her entire day, every day, either having to be in charge or responsible for other people or mired in decision-making or raising kids or just plain having to hold it all together for all those around her. Once in a while she owes it to herself to shut it all down and let someone else step up to the plate. Preferably while she’s horny.

What she wants, if only for a few hours, is to be told what to do. In some cases she may even want to be ordered to do what you want her to do. She wants to leave her responsibility-shoes on the doormat and made to feel as though her happiness and well-being are in your hands. Here’s your chance to tie her wrists to the bedpost.

When you’re hooked up with a submissive cougar, you should ensure that you’re the one making all the moves. Apart from anything dangerous, she’ll be thrilled to go along with anything you throw on the table. She’ll be happy to do it because you want her to do it. And if she can get through an entire session without once having had to make a choice of her own, your mission will be accomplished.

But don’t ever be fooled by your dominant role: as submissive as she may be during those naughty few hours, it’s only because that’s the way she wants it. Even bound and gagged, a confident woman still knows how to crack the whip. Enjoy the playdate, and don’t let it go to your head.

Most importantly, never forget the post-shag cuddle. It’s the best transition back to real life.


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