5 Reasons Not to Date a Hot Babe

Older women are hot! Okay, not all, but the ones who take care of themselves and who have confidence are. You, cubs, know what I’m talking about. And we know there are hotter, younger women out there that we sometimes have to compete (hate that word!) with, but let me tell you why dating the “hot babe” isn’t always your best bet. You can still be with an attractive woman because chemistry is way more than looks.

5 Problems with Dating a Hot Babe

1. Jealousy
No one wants to be jealous, but it’s hard to avoid when you realize most guys are attracted to your lady, or worse, making the moves on her. This can drive you crazy – always worrying if she’s going to fall to temptation or if some guy is going to come along and steal her away for good.

2. Arguments
The jealousy factor will always lead to arguments whether you bring up her guy friend who you think has ulterior motives, or she catches the way you’re eyeballing other guys she talks to. Or maybe you’re going to argue with every guy that hits on your woman. So unattractive!

3. Trust 
Even if your babelicious gal is 100% trustworthy, the jealous feelings that arise when you see her talk to other guys is going to transfer to her. This can turn into possessiveness where you always want to be with her, need to know where and what she’s doing at all times. Believe me, she will get pissed off and think about dumping your ass.

4. Shadow 
A hot woman commands attention whether she wants it or not. If you like or need a little ego stroking of your own, well, forget about it. You’ll be in the “hot babe” shadow and seen by some as a puppy that merely follows her around. And if you struggle with insecurity, this will only make things worse.

5. Motives 
Unless you’re the “hot dude” equivalent of your woman, then be prepared to be questioned, not out loud necessarily, by others – why is she with him? And if you’ve got money then that’s what a lot of people are going to assume is the reason. Outside attitudes suck, and it takes a strong person to ignore these. You may even need to question yourself – Is it just her looks that keep you in the relationship?

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What do you think cubs, is dating an attractive cougar easier than dating a “hot babe”?

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