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I met my last cub in grammar class. No, it wasn’t in grade school but part of a continuing education program. We shared a fondness for linguistics, and his proficiency in spelling was a turn on.
We didn’t need photos for sexting!

You don’t have to go far to find yourself a brainy cougar. Check out your local community college and university course calendars for a wide variety of classes. Most of these take place in the evening so it’s a perfect setting for a spontaneous offer to have drinks (and possible hook up) after. You will share a common interest that will get the sparks of conversation flying.

I suggest classes that encourage participation, a hands on approach, physical interaction and/or group work. Try cooking, woodworking, languages, pottery, or creative writing. This is a 2-for-1 opportunity: advanced learning with a possible side of meow.

Arrive at the first class a couple minutes late so you can scan the full room and choose a seat beside an unsuspecting cougar. Or is she? Maybe she’s the one on the prowl.

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