Cougar Cruise – Cruises for Cougars and Cubs

What is a cougar cruise? I was thinking this when I first came across the term while searching google  one day.  Simply put, a cougar cruise is a a cruise holiday for cougar women and younger men looking for love, sex, and companionship.  These vacations are relatively new, with first one setting sail in December 2009, and have continued to gain popularity since.

I first read about them in this USAtoday article: What really happens aboard a ‘cougar cruise’?  I have to admit the article doesn’t paint the prettiest picture, but overall it seems that the cruisers had fun and there is a market for such holidays. I think the idea is a good one and the fact that these groups are even being arranged by the cruise companies is a testament to the fact that ‘cougar’ needn’t have a negative connotation, and the idea of older women dating younger men is becoming more mainstream, (as it should)! However, the cougar cruise has not been without some controversy. In January 2010, after having hosted the first cruise, Carnival Cruise lines declined to host the next or any other group with the cougar “theme”, supposedly so they could maintain their “family fun” branding.

Happily, Royal Caribbean has picked up the reigns and is welcoming the cougars and cubs with open arms.  The 2012 International Cougar Cruise will be sailing from Tampa, Florida and visits Key West, Florida and Cozumel, Mexico. The full press release with pricing and details is here and you can find further information about the cruise at

Will I be aboard the ship this year? If I’m still single by the end of the year then I just might consider it. 🙂

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