Cougar Hunting: How To Spot a Cougar

So guys, we all share the same love for beautiful, adventurous, older women. Are you wondering where to find them, or how to spot them? Here are tips from my cougar hunting experiences. Follow these and you’ll be sure to find success on your next hunt.

No Ring
This one’s easy. If you think you’ve spotted a cougar candidate, do a walk by or a glance over and look for that tell tale sign she’s available: the wedding ring. No ring – ding ding ding!

Cougars generally don’t like loud dance clubs and prefer wine bars, cocktail lounges, and martini bars. Do your research and you’ll find an abundance of cougar dens. These will be chock full of the warm and willing felines you crave.

Cougars dress to impress. Look for tight fitting, revealing clothing that may seem a little young for her age. She may be wearing extra make-up and foundation to cover up wrinkles and age imperfections, although I have met cougars that are natural beauties.

The Pack
Like their animal namesake, cougars like to hunt in packs. Look for a group of older women without any men around. Now observe their body language. Are they closed off as a group, or are they positioned open at the bar, looking for their prey?

Bar Location
This is subtle but equally important, guys. Cougars hang out by the bar or sit at open tables that are approachable. Older women rarely hit the dance floor to find their guys. If you see a group of potential cougars dancing, it’s more likely a ladies night out than hunting season.

So there you have it, guys. Good luck on your next hunting expedition!

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