8 Tips to Catch a Cougar

Cougars are everywhere and there are lots of websites specifically designed to help younger men meet older women. So . . . why do I keep hearing sob stories from both sides: the men don’t know how to catch a cougar and the women are tired of waiting.

Tips to help a cub navigate through the jungle:

1. Know what you want. Do you want a sophisticated older woman or the cougar who takes your order at the local diner? Are you looking for a one-night stand or something more substantial?

2. Be the hunter. Our lives are usually full and we don’t have time for the chase. Plus we’ve been there done that. Be creative in your pursuit. Have more than a few tricks up your sleeve. It takes a lot to impress a cougar.

3. Respect our time. If you’ve made a date with us – be there! We rarely hand out second chances. And of course, show up on time.

4. Flirt from afar. Anticipation is half the fun. Send flirty texts and emails before dating, even meeting. Think more sexy than romantic – we can handle it!

5. Be the young free and laid back guy that you are. Don’t try to act older and project a sophisticated maturity you don’t have. We like younger men because they don’t have drama-filled lives.

6. Impress with the little things. We don’t care about the big screen TV you just bought, but we may be interested in the latest sexual position you heard about.

7. Show off a little skill. Of course you’ll be able to teach us a few things our generation hasn’t picked up on. Maybe a cool band or a hot new video game. Feeling young is what we’re all about.

8. Be honest in your approach. You may play games with younger women, but a cougar has seen it all. We don’t have time for crap, so keep it real, and you can expect to go far.

Hope these tips help you in your search for a beautiful older woman. Prrr…

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