Pros and Cons of Dating Older Women

Are you thinking about dating a cougar? Are you unsure of what you’re getting yourself into? I prefer dating younger men, but it does come with it’s own set of challenges. Of course, the rewards can be wonderful too. Here are the pros and cons of cougar cub relationships you will want to consider before entering the jungle.

Let’s talk about the good stuff first, the pros.

Sexual Satisfaction
You don’t have to be experienced to find a cougar that will sleep with you. Older women are looking for men who have stamina, an eager attitude, and curiosity. We don’t mind a little training and are willing to tell you what we like as well as perform a few tricks on you.

No Strings
Few older women want to settle down. Most cougars want a younger man for casual encounters. It’s thrilling, fun, and makes us feel young again. Most younger women will say this is what they want, but as soon as you sleep with them, their clingy behaviour comes out. It takes years of dating to be able to separate sex from feelings, but it’s possible.

You won’t be dealing with the same annoying insecurities you do with women your own age. A cougar is comfortable in her body and won’t be seeking your approval about her looks or what she does. Life experience has made us confident in who we are and what we want. We don’t beat around the bush when it comes to the mating ritual.

Here are challenges you might face, the cons.

This is a dirty word, but the reality is, the longer you’ve been around the more of it you’ve accumulated. This might include ex-boyfriends, husbands, children, business partners, and work commitments. She may have more history, but she’ll also have more experience in dealing with her issues. And you won’t necessarily be asked or expected to engage in any of this but to be understanding.

Outside Opinions
Everyone has an opinion, and if you suddenly start dating someone ten to fifteen years older, they may want to share it with you. If you think family or friends are going to act negatively, hold off on introducing your lady friend. A secret fling that no one needs to know about may be the way to go.

The Hunted
Being with a strong older woman often means you’re playing by her rules. A lot of cougars enjoy the hunt and are only interested in sex, so if you’re looking for long-term love with an older woman, it may be harder than you think. The best way to avoid being hurt is to express your desire up front, either in person or in your online profile.

Guys: Can you resist no strings satisfying sex with an experienced confident woman?

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