Married Dating Sites: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard of dating sites specifically designed for married people. Many daters are appalled by sites such as and, but the truth is, they do provide lots of benefits for single daters. Let me explain the good, the bad, and the ugly that you will find on married dating sites.

The Good

What would happen if there were no married dating sites? Would men and women simply stop using online dating to cheat on their spouses? Of course not. They would join (and DO join) sites for singles, misrepresenting themselves as single and looking for love.

I’ve seen statistics that report nearly half, yes HALF, of people on dating sites are married. Whether this is inflated or not, the sad truth remains that plenty of married people are looking to hook up for some no strings sex. They figure online dating is their best chance and perhaps most discreet option.

So what’s the good part of all this? The good part is that married dating sites create a place where marrieds can be open about their status and meet like-minded people. If you’re a single online dater, think of it this way: married sites help keep the ‘married but dating’ crowd segregate. Plus, any dating site which allows users to choose ‘married’ as their status is providing a better experience for everyone by encouraging honesty.

The Bad

Unfortunately, attached people looking for discreet sex are still going to join the mainstream sites in droves. I wish that dating sites specifically for marrieds were enough to keep them corralled and away from the singles, but this simply isn’t the case. Why? Some cheaters don’t want anyone to know that they’re cheating – even the person they’re cheating with! These strays are either ashamed of their behavior or want access to the huge pool of legitimate singles.

The Ugly

The ugly side of married dating is pretty obvious. Broken promises lead to broken hearts, marriages and families. Every married man or woman who joins such a site likely feels anxious at first but also good about their chances otherwise they wouldn’t put themselves and their spouses in jeopardy. Marrieds who turn their online flirtations into one night stands or ongoing love affairs risk many things. They not only risk losing their marriage but also their children, friends, social standing and even the health of themselves and their partners due to STDs and unprotected sex.

For singles wanting to avoid secretive married daters, watch for these red flags on profiles:

  • no profile pictures
  • they will only send pictures privately
  • vague or missing answers to potentially revealing questions such as occupation

Once you make contact or begin dating, watch for these signs:

  • very limited availability, and you suspect it’s not their job keeping them busy
  • they aren’t open about where they live, even which neighborhood
  • they call you, but rarely answer the phone, especially in the evening

Whatever your status, remember to enjoy your online dating experience! Be honest to attract an honest mate and avoid those who don’t share your values or goals. There’s someone for everyone.

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