How to Ask a Cougar on a Date

Whether you meet a cougar in person or online, you may be wondering how exactly to ask her on a date without getting turned down or brushed aside. After all, older women know what they want so that first impression is going to make or break your chances.

You may recognize that older women are your thing, but acknowledging us for our individuality will score points and increase your chances of landing a date with us.

Follow these simple steps to ask her out:

1. Compliment. Be subtle, mention something about her that has captured your attention – her smile, her sense of humour, her eyes, confidence, etc. Few women can resist flattery and charm.

2. Question. Ask a question about something you share in common or might both enjoy. Women respond to genuine interest and like to talk about their passions. This will start the warm-up back and forth you need before asking her on a date.

3. Be Creative. This might be how you format your online message (a. b. c. style or referencing a song) or how you make contact with her in person (send her a drink or note anonymously to pique her interest before you approach her.)

4. Take Charge. Women are irked when guys expect them to do all the planning. Have more than one suggestion at the ready. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous, waiting too long can build unwanted anxiety.

Don’t forget, cougar women are usually youthful and looking to have fun with the men they seek. We don’t expect you to start acting like our male counterparts; we want to let loose and get a little wild.

Cubs: How do you ask a cougar on a date?

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